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Special:Contributions/: add user name to <title>
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Looking in my browser's history:

User contributions - Wikimedia Commons
User contributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

OK, you differentiate the site, now what's left to do is add what user that was to the <TITLE>.

So Special:Contributions/Jidanni should also have "Jidanni" somewhere
in the <TITLE>.

Else you assume one never checks more than one user.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: enhancement



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This'll have the same issue as bug 11035 in that this information is currently in the _subtitle_ with links, so needs to be handled nicely without too much duplication or losing the useful information/links.

Pretty much r38440 for Special:Contributions

attachment specialcontributions_title.patch ignored as obsolete

Fixed issues with previous patch