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Create Celtic Knot Conference mailing list
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Please could a mailing list be created with the following details

  • Name of mailing list:
  • Purpose: allowing conversation between participants of the Celtic Knot Conference (
  • Initial admin email address:
  • Secondary admin email address:
  • Should be a public list with public archives.

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RobH added a subscriber: RobH.

Please note all lists are, NOT I'm guessing that the list is still wanted though. It also seems its happening now, so not sure if its too late.

Lists are easy to make and delete though, so I'll err on the side of being helpful and I've created the list. The initial admin password for the list is automatically generated and sent out to the initial admin.

If it turns out the list isn't needed (since the conference is ongoing now), or there is anything else required, please simply reopen this task, thanks!

Hi RobH thanks for setting the list up - it will still be useful for post-conference discussions so we'll keep it running. I've got the email with the admin password.