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two settings preferences that seem to impact mediaviewer
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There are two settings in the preferences that seem to affect how media are viewed in MediaWiki. Both suggest to me to disable MediaViewer (and may have done that, at some point). I suggest to combine them or otherwise clarify.

One setting is in the 'appearance' tab ('enable MediaViewer'), the other is in 'gadgets' ('Redirect image links to Commons for files hosted there' - Dutch translation has a stronger suggestion).

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Gadgets are community-maintained (and most do not use Phabricator to discuss issues) so it would be very messy to have an extension interact with them.

Gadgets that change where image links point to have no effect on the operation of MediaViewer. (Although if a community wants a gadget to disable MediaViewer as a side effect, it's possible to do so, e.g. by setting mw.config.set("wgMediaViewerOnClick", false). It will be slightly confusing as the MediaViewer disable/enable checkbox won't be affected. Since one is handled in PHP and the another in JS, and gadget JS is disallowed on the preferences page, I can't think of a way to avoid that.)

Maybe there can be some communication on village pumps to this effect? Because I did notice that on some languages I got stuck in Wikipedia and in other languages I didn't. This must be because of local community gadgets that should be retired now there is a general extension (because the last message I had as a user was to use the settings wheel in the media viewer itself, but this won't work anymore because of the above-mentioned problems)