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[script request] Have a tab to quickly access CentralAuth/GlobalBlock from userpages on any wiki
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Request to create a script that allows quick access to meta CentralAuth for registered users or GlobalBlock for IP addresses. Useful for those who patrol the abuselog, since those links ain't provided and we loose a lot of time copy-pasting things.

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@Glaisher Do you think you can help here? Thanks.

Sorry I'm very busy nowadays so I'm not sure when I would have time for this. :(

Here is it CentralAuthLink.js

To enable it everywhere at once add the following code to your global.js


This script adds a CentralAuth link on the top of the Special:Contributions page of a registered user.

Thanks and while it is an improvement it is not what was requested here. We
still need a link to globalblock for IP adresses and if both links could
appear in the user pages of the users instead of the contributions page
that'd make our patroling of the abuse logs faster, pending that such links
are added finally in the abuselog itself.

are added finally in the abuselog itself.

This kind of seems like a natural thing to do instead.

To honor the truth I forgot to mention that the link be on the user pages.
My bad. Could that be achieved? Thanks.

@Bawolff Would that be easy to achieve? It'd be very handy to have such
links in the AbuseLog instead. Copy-pasting info from the logs to CA/GB is
a pain... Kind regards.

[I have to go right now so I can't do it right now]. Fairly easy. special/SpecialAbuseLog.php line 493 needs to be changed to add the link.

I'm not sure that modifying the Core Mediawiki code is recommended. Indeed, such change is only relevant on Wikimedia wikis, but the Core code is intended to be also used on third part wikis, where AbuseFilter/CA/GB aren't meant to be linked. Am I wrong ?
I'll try to improve the script in the next days to add link to userpages too.

@MarcoAurelio The script have been updated (and will need to be renamed due to the change of its features). Is this what you wanted ? It now gives a CentralAuth/GlobalBlock link in both Special:Contributions and Userpage.

Absolutely. Thanks.