[Epic] Support global preferences on Wikimedia wikis
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bzimport, Jul 27 2008


It would be nice if users and developers could designate certain preferences to automatically apply across all wikis. This will require A Lot of Work™.

Extension:GlobalPreferences is a rough draft of the functionality.

RFC: Global user preferences

Challenges to overcome:

  • UI language:
    • polyglot users who want UI & content to match, and
    • cross-wiki maintainers who want to force the one UI language globally T16950#2187671
  • Gadget on/off pref - T16950#2188222 (and possible security issue with assuming global - T16950#2188400 )

Related TechCom-RFC: T64559: Redesign Special:Preferences (tracking)



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Quiddity updated the task description. (Show Details)Aug 21 2016, 5:46 PM

From the task description "one UI language globally". No it should not be one UI language, it should be one of the languages the user knows.

That was 1 point, out of 2 separate points contained in the same line. I've edited the description to make that clearer. :)

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It might be worth investigating global-only preferences per T171624: Investigate making Mute cross-wiki

Idk if this has been brought up yet, but how is GlobalPreferences going to handle wikis wanting to hide a preference? Eg, how enwiki has the "mark all edits as minor" preference hidden.

@TerraCodes Good point. You mean with $wgHiddenPrefs? Those preferences will also be hidden on Special:GlobalPreferences on that wiki, but they'll be visible and globalizable on other wikis. Similar to how it'll handle preferences for extensions that aren't installed everywhere.

TerraCodes added a comment.EditedOct 12 2017, 11:54 PM

Ah, but what would be the point of hiding a preference then? Since I could just go to another wiki, and enable it globally.

Oh, no, sorry: it would be able to be enabled globally, and that would apply to the wikis that haven't hidden it — on those ones, the local default would be used always.

Wouldn't that confuse users through, since you would think you're enabling it globally, but you're really not?

Yeah, it is a bit confusing. :-(

But I guess it's much the same as enabling a global preference that doesn't exist at all on a wiki. I mean, from the point of view of someone on enwiki there is no "Mark all edits minor by default" preference, so they wouldn't expect such a thing to be set when they set it globally.

Ah, thanks for explaining it~

Off-topic: Why does enwiki even hide this setting? It does no harm afaik, but is really useful if you to some maintenance task for a while.

T178449: RFC: How to modify all preferences? was today discussed during the TechCom RFC meeting on IRC. The RFC remains "under discussion". See for T178449#3728073 minutes.

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daniel added a comment.Jan 9 2018, 7:26 PM

This RFC seems very inconcrete, as is makes no specific proposal and asks no specific questions. Also, implementation of a system for global preferences is in progress. It seems this RFC is thus obsolete. If there are no objections, I will close it as invalid.

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This isn't an RFC, it's an epic specifying the current work the Community Tech team is doing. I'm just removing the RFC tag.

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