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Use localized alias of Special:Search consistently
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

While the destination page of #searchform and #bodySearch (<inputbox>) is properly localized (e.g. "Spezial:Suche"), the page title values for #search and #powersearch are still in English ("Special:Search").

#search and #powersearch (did I forget one?) should also lead to the localized search page alias instead (e.g. "Spezial:Suche")!

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Severity: minor



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"Suchergebnisse" looks pretty German to me.

JS vars looke fine too:

		var wgCanonicalNamespace = "Special";
		var wgCanonicalSpecialPageName = "Search";


		var wgPageName = "Spezial:Suche";
		var wgTitle = "Suche";

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Sorry, I mean the HTML output (should have mentioned that ;-)

<input name="title" type="hidden" value="Special:Search" />

Visit and press the "Erweiterte Suche" button.
The address (URL) will be Special:Search (English) then!

Ah -- in form construction, it should be getting the normalized special title here.