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Kill branch 2.0
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@Xqt at
2.0 is years behind and no longer maintained.

I see no need, then, to keep the 2.0 branch in the repo anymore.


  • Announced on 2017-07-14.
  • Scheduled for deletion: 2017-08-01

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$ git push origin --delete 2.0
remote: Branch refs/heads/2.0:
remote: You need 'Push' rights with the 'Force Push'
remote: flag set to delete references.
remote: User: [redacted]
remote: Please read the documentation and contact an administrator
remote: if you feel the configuration is incorrect
remote: Processing changes: refs: 1, done
To ssh://
 ! [remote rejected]   2.0 (cannot delete references)
error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://'

Needs a repo admin to do it. Not sure if we need to do anything else.

I will do an anouncement to the pywikibot user list first before I remove the branch. Also we should be sure that that branch is not referenced or remarked at our documentation on mediawiki site or elsewhere.

Suggested notification text for when ready to announce:

Dear bot operators and pywikibot users:

We'd like to announce that the branch 2.0 of pywikibot-core is going to be fully deprecated and deleted. The reasons for this are that 2.0 is years ahead from our master branch, and has since no longer been mantained.

If any of you still use this branch or depends on it, we would like to invite you to switch to the currently mantained master branch of pywikibot which can be located at <>.

We'd like to proceed with the deprecation and deletion of the 2.0 branch in 2 weeks from the sending of this email. If you'd like to flag any issues, problems or opposition to this we invite you to comment on <> as well as on this thread.

Hoping that you all are well, with our best regards


@MarcoAurelio: sounds good, thanks. Wouldn't you spread it through the mailing list?

@Xqt I'd not mind sending it to pywikibot-announce and pywikibot. I'll do that shortly. Regards.

Done. The one I sent to -announce is being held for approval. The one I sent to pywikibot got sent and delivered. Regards.

My message to pywikibot-announce is still being held for moderation. Could you (@valhallasw , @Ladsgroup) approve it? Thanks!

By the way the older branch keeps available via pypi.

@Xqt I'm not sure how pypi works so if you think it should be removed from there too feel free to make it disapear as well :)

I thought it could be available at pypi using pywikibot<3.0 even that branch is removed from current repository. This means if somebody needs it for some purpose, he could get it from there (anyway I don't see a reason to use it.)

The user-notice tag has been added. More exactly when do you expect this to happen? Tomorrow (Friday) is two weeks after the email was sent, right?

@Xqt The time has come. Please terminate the branch. Thank you.

2.0 branch deleted.