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[S11 - R1 2017-2018] Complete Round 1 2017-2018 aka Session 11 of the FDC process
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This is the über task of the process, ie. this task means that the FDC process for Session 11, Round 1 - 2017-2018 is completed (Board has approved FDC recommendations)

The main sub-tasks of this are:

  • Organizations have submitted LOI
  • Eligibility is granted for all organizations
  • Organizations have submitted progress reports
  • Organizations have submitted their proposals
  • Proposals have been reviewed for conformity
  • Staff assessment has been published
  • Deliberations of the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) have happened
  • FDC Recommendations are published
  • FDC recommendations are approved by the board

Note: This does not take into account disbursement of funds.
Note: This probably should be a milestone, but at this stage I'm going to try it like this.