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Improve usability of "download as pdf" page
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Currently, when a user selects to download a page in two-column format, they are redirected to a "rendering finished" page which has a button for downloading the PDF (

For the electron option, we currently have no such page and selecting "download as PDF" automatically generated the PDF

We would like to investigate whether it's worth it to have a similar page for the updated PDF renderer. In the future, this page may also contain setting and customization for the PDF.

Acceptance criteria

Redesign download as pdf page to account for:

  • Rendering updates (currently done by percentage)
  • Rendering completion and download button
  • Page must contain size (if available)
  • Page must contain article name
  • Remove old page (selections screen)
  • Update instrumentation
  • Feature flag and add to beta cluster


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Nirzar renamed this task from Redesign download as pdf page to Improve usability of "download as pdf" page .Jul 21 2017, 2:11 AM

Like on mobile[1], we could have a step between clicking "download as pdf" and trigger the file download.

  1. Tap on "download as PDF" link in left sidebar.
  2. instead of going to a different page it opens a modal window
  3. shows minimal info about the pdf and a way to download
  4. in future we can add the pdf options such as "include images" "dark mode" "1 col 2 col" in this same modal window.



@ovasileva see if this design ^ works, I can update the description after your okay.

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@Nirzar - what should we do for non-JS users. It seems that we could either:

  • not display this as a modal and send everyone to the page as previously but redesign the page
  • use the old page for non-JS users and present the same info
  • have non-JS users print automatically on clicking "download as PDF" and show the modal to everyone else

potentially split this up into:

  • make changes to the old page (potentially delete)
  • feature-flag and deploy to beta cluster

@Nirzar - we also will not be aware of PDF size

ovasileva lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Sep 13 2017, 4:42 PM