UI does not update after status changes to donations
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When carrying out status change actions in the FOC's list of donations, the view is updated after successfully processing the request to reflect the changes.

  • Data sets marked as deleted are striked through
  • Data sets marked as pending are highlighted with a red text color
  • ...

In the donation list of the FOC application, status changes are not immediately reflected anymore. The status is changed (which can be verified by reloading the page), but the frontend does either not receive the required data to update the view or cannot process it.

The frontend sends an AJAX request to the server to change the status (and do some logging). When creating the response, it reports a warning (which is probably also sent to the output):
in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /path/to/ListController.php on line 303

The line tries to access a property that doesn't exist (anymore).

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Nothing said here and no PR on GH so I'm going to assume this has not been worked on yet and start myself.

@JeroenDeDauw Sorry, I'm already working on this. I did not create a PR yet, though. While the bug fix is rather simple, I did some refactoring to make it use the store as well as its entity. PR is almost ready to upload.

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