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Run updateArticleCount.php on Wikimedia Commons
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I need to run updateArticleCount.php to update the count in Special:Statistics and {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} for commons
Context: The value of$wgContentNamespaces was changed in T167077 and the value is currently wrong....

How can we make this happen?

Village pump discussion:

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Just run it in a screen on terbium and wait? :)

@Reedy I don't have the ability to do that.. so I guess I need somebody to help me! :)

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-07-05T22:47:20Z] <Reedy> running mwscript updateArticleCount.php --wiki=commonswiki --update on screen on terbium T169822

Reedy claimed this task.
reedy@terbium:~$ mwscript updateArticleCount.php --wiki=commonswiki --update
Counting articles...found 40586492.
Updating site statistics table... done.

Wow, that was fast. I thought it would take hours…

Weird, it was taking way longer for me earlier... Glad we got it done :)