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Double redirects are automatically fixed even when checkbox is unchecked
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Author: le.korrigan

A problem arose on fr.wikipedia, with the new "double redirect correcter" : it corrects redirects to renamed articles even when one has unchecked the checbox "fix double redirects".

This is especially problematic as pages are renamed as part of the copyvio purge process, and in this case redirects should not be corrected ! But the checkbox does not seem to work.

I have made a test :

  1. I created with some content
  2. I created which redirects to the first page.
  3. I renamed "Article" while unchecking the checkbox, to "Article renommé"
  4. The redirect is still automatically fixed.

Thanks for looking into this.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: major



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le.korrigan wrote:

Setting priority to "high" as it prevents normal copyvio purges on fr.wikipedia.

ayg wrote:

CC'ing Tim, since he wrote the feature.

fixed trunk in r38342 and 1.13 in r38343.