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Excess verbosity in edit summary link to AWB
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AWB appends to its edit summaries the text using [[Project:AWB|AWB]]

This is is unnecessarily verbose. Ten characters could be saved by changing this to using [[WP:AWB]] .. which is ~6% of the total length.

That would help editors to leave longer edit summaries. (I have just had a batch of summaries truncated, breaking links. If this change was implemented, they would have be fine

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Reedy added a comment.Jul 6 2017, 6:06 PM

And what if you then make more changes in your edit, so you have even more (or longer) links, and they still get truncated with your shorter version?

The point is that the shorter version would result in fewer truncated edit summaries; there's nothing that could completely eliminate the problem (other than not using edit summaries at all, or using a single, short, unchanging, uncustomizable summary).

Reedy added a comment.Jul 6 2017, 6:15 PM

Make the edit summary longer in MediaWiki? ;)

But [[WP:AWB]] isn't very generic. It works fine on Wikipedias... But on other wikis? Other non WMF wikis? They have to then create a redirect so it's not a redlink?

Yes, that's also an option. I'd leave that to you to pursue, though. =D

I was assuming (apparently incorrectly) that this would only apply to English Wikipedia; I did have the thought of how this would affect other wikis, though (on that thought, if it could be customized per-wiki, it would allow other wikis to have similarly shortened versions for their own use, too).

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I think to is better using [[Project:AWB|AWB]] because autowikibrowser is used on no WMF wikis too. No only on WMF wikis.

Kizule renamed this task from Excess verbosity in edit summary summary link to AWB to Excess verbosity in edit summary link to AWB.Jul 6 2017, 8:06 PM
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rev 12161
For en-wp only, use [[WP:AWB|AWB]] instead of [[Project:AWB|AWB]] at end of edit summary to save characters.

Not changed for other wikis as we don't know if they have the WP:AWB page/redirect set up.

I've not changed to just [[WP:AWB]] as that's a visible change and we might have complaints/need a wider discussion to make that change.

Note, other languages/WMF projects can and do have custom text for this, and more can be added to AWB on request.

Thanks for the change, Rjwilmsi.

Five extra characters will help a bit