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Write Pywikibot script to create tables of thankers
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Copied from T129049.

This link has tables showing top thankers for two wikis with number of thanks. Pywikibot must add a bot which can create similar tables (both for thankers and the thanked?) showing statistics for top x (where x can be taken as a parameter) users with corresponding number of thanks, for any wiki and for any month (also other time intervals like a week or a year?). Accounts/Users must have the option of opting out of this feature, as is the case with Faebot/thanks.

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Pywikibot must add a bot which can create similar tables

Can I ask why (specifically the must)? Not all misc. bot scripts are useful/important enough to be in the main pywikibot repo (see also my comment at T164095#3297093), and having it will add maintenance burden of the script to the general pywikibot dev instead of local bot operators. No objections to a gist of the script though.

Fae added a comment.Jul 17 2017, 10:38 AM

Faebot was creating these tables using SQL, the same query across several projects. It stopped working due to time-outs after some WMF changes. To fix it I would need to break up the query so it can work within the more limited query times available. I might get around to fixing it, but it's floating in my sub-watermargin pile.

It's not a priority, and as it was controversial when I created it, I would not recommend making reports much 'easier' than they currently are.

I based this task off point 5 of T129049, as part of GSoC 2017. I'm just doing what I was told to do. Ask @jayvdb why it was included.

While the wording in the GSOC concept that I wrote was "Pywikibot must add a bot " , I have been encouraging Pywikibot bots to be not part of the 'core' repository for the reason that @zhuyifei1999 explains, unless they fit within the core teams needs. However for a separate repo to be sufficient for GSOC , it must have their own test suite run by CI.

Accounts/Users must have the option of opting out of this feature

From what we have seen, there isnt any existing opt-outs occurring in the prior reports, so this requirement can also be dropped until there is a good justification for it to be supported.

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I have a local clone.