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Annotate lists based on Wikidata
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Build a feature that allows to annotate lists based on Wikidata.

Basic use cases:

  1. items locally selected from query. selected new ones by default (or not)
  2. items added/selected manually (current Wikivoyage approach)

Annotations should be stored locally. Samples for annotations:

  1. commented featured list at enwiki
  2. Wikivoyage commented listings
  3. episode lists with summaries per episode (on various wikis, notably enwiki).

Event Timeline

Support for complex queries is available (in Listeria) and works just fine.

Annotated lists, like many in Wikipedia or Wikivoyage listings, should be easier.

T67626: I don't quite see how annotation comes in there. Where is it mentioned? From the summary, it looks like the equivalent of Listeria. This wouldn't really add much .. Listeria works.

For an annotation feature, I think Wikivoyage's listing editor are an good basis.

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I've narrowed the scope for the request to annotations per the last comment by the ticket author.