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"Points Closed Today" presents wrong value
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I´ve created a project using the Phabricator-Sprint-Extension and setup a project as Sprint Project.

After three days using it, I realized the "points closed today" were not accurate. I closed 11 story points so far (as presented by the left-menu completeness bar), but if I look at the chart, it presents "3 points closed on July 6" (which is correct) and "16 points closed on July 7" (which is wrong, as I only closed 8 points).

Can you please explain how the sum fr "points closed today" is done? Also, does anyone face this same issue?

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I checked this issue and the problem is:
Every time you move a task from any Sprint column to "Done" column, it will increase the number of "completed points today", but when you move the same task from "Done" to any other column, it doesn´t subtract number of points from "completed points today".

Also the same issue of wrongly calculated "completed points today" occurs when you move a task to "Done" (at this point, the "completed points today" is increased) and then change the task status from "open" to "close" (at this point, the "completed points today" is increased again).
Based on some tests, the proper way would be to change the task status first and then move it to "Done" column. Using this approach, when you change the status, the "completed points today" is not increased.

Be careful how you work with your tasks when using this extension.

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