Make Credit Card Payment redirect-based
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  • payments with our credit card payment provider are performed on a standalone (non-iframe) page, hosted at micropayment


  • ponder if PaymentUrlGenerators (endemic to payment context) could a dedicated local factory
  • is the translator the same as the app's, or rather a domain-specific one? "what is printed on bills"
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Where does one start looking for information on the credit card stuff?

Technically, it's at

But that's not needed for the task and the AC: After the change, the presenter should no longer display HTML with an iframe, but redirect to the URL that was previously in the iframe, basically the same pattern as for Sofort and PayPal.

I'll create a followup task to change the theme on the payment provider side to show their default theme instead of our custom one (that looks weird as a standalone page bwcause it's tailored to being shown in an iframe). For testing, you can set theme in the credit card config to x1, but that might not be enough.

Oh ok... I'll do that first part of the task then and upload it as a PR tagged as mawbe-WIP

Raised the question of return-url; please see PR.

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