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Organize the Wikimania Hackathon 2017 in Montreal
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This is the main goal for organizing the Wikimania Hackathon.
All other sub-tasks can be found here:
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For Wikimania’s Hackathon, reach out to local developer groups; organize activities targeting newcomers and non-technical Wikimedians who want to learn more about Wikimedia tech. Provide a productive environment for current developers working on their own projects.

Ways that the Wikimania Hackathon and its organization will be different from the recent Wikimedia Hackathon in Vienna:

  • Much smaller organizing team than Vienna. Less bandwidth to run programs.
  • Shorter hackathon (two days instead of three)
  • More non-technical or not-very-technical particpants
  • More less-focused participants (many people will be working on their Wikimania presentations or getting distracted by other things going on during the Wikimania pre-conference)
  • Much larger event than Vienna in terms of total participants, the total number of participants will not be known until

after the hackathon but we will go into the event with an estimate.

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Event Timeline

Wikimania Hackathon in Montreal was a success. Everything went as planned and the showcase can be seen here:
Sessions that occurred can be seen here:

Showcase notes are here:
Maps for mobile website - (Phabricator task)> DONE
An effort to add our maps to coordinates in our mobile website
Likely need to use my own laptop
See the gadget list in your English Wikipedia preferences -
The coordinates in the corner, and infobox, go to Geohack or inpage flyout. Mobile website doesn't have this. Even finding the coordinates is hard! I worked on integrating the past maps work into mobile website, if you click it, it leads to a fullscreen map!

Screenshots in installer - (Phabricator task)> DONE
Skins can now display screenshots in the installer
I will use my laptop
@Legoktm @Isarra @matmarex
The localhost vagrant screen shows this during installation, which eventualy ends up at site config screen. The skins selection (for which to include and which to use as default) now has screenshots built in, which can show multiple screenshots for responsive skins. This is the 1st step for information about extension metadata. This will be available in 1.40

Codesniffer - catches common errors like using one function name instead of the synony m. At the hackathon we changed it to goatsniffer. :D

Push notifications for Echo -
Using the Web Push API to receive Echo notifications (on mobile and desktop!)
Will use my own laptop
@Catrope, (@Legoktm)
We have a notification sustem, but it's not perfect for getting urgent notifications. We've added the [?] API to create push notifications which are a new option in the Special:Preferences page. E.g. If someone reverts your edit, your browser will now pop open a notification. We next need to work on multiple-device support, include unsubscription options, and various other features.

4 - DONE
Wikibase instance containing detailed and specialized information about plant cultivars, how to grow them, and related information.
I will use the provided laptop
@K4-713, @EBjune
Ongoing work. General idea is: You have a sensor, and you want to grow a plant, so you use the sensor data to get a list back of what plants are suitable for your environment. We're starting with a separate database, but setting it up so that Wikidata could easily import the results if/when they ever want.

Printable maps for Wiki Loves Monuments - (Phabricator task)> DONE
I need to use my own laptop
@Yarl, @Multichill, @LilyOfTheWest
WLM collaborating with Flickr this year. Flickr Photowalks will be helped by this app, showing the monuments they can upload to flickr, and then we take care of copying from flickr to Commons. E.g. search for city where the event is, and we provide a map with dots on it. They click easily print out a PDF map and accompanying list.

Deploying Timeless skin - DONE
legoktm deployed timeless to prod.
will use provided laptop
@Legoktm, @Isarra
Deployed to (enable on ) and the testwikis. First volunteer produced skin to be deployed in many years. Responsive design shows menu columns if there's a lot of space, or collapses them into flyout menu.

Concept Replacer
A "concept replacer" -- replacing female terminology with male terminology to check neutrality on Wikipedia DONE
I will use my laptop to demonstrate
On-wiki demo
A concept online related to Gender Gap - sometimes we work on articles about men or women, and they have different issues around neutral language. So this tool swaps gender terms, and we can easily see if the article looks odd. E.g. Ada Lovelace mentions her husband (Babbage) in first sentence, but the Babbage article doesn't mention Lovelace until much further down. Second example with a Wikihow guide to "How to treat girls", which is clearly problematic when gender-flipped. Next steps are code-cleanup, then releasing a user-script or perhaps gadget.

Goatification - DONE
Goats are the new cats and what you can goat from it!
I need to use my own laptop
@Bmueller, @Fisch
Oh no, cats are invading Birgit's desktop. (Replace the cats on bmueller's background with goats)
Goats are the new cats. Goatification movement has a logo, phab workboard, goat of arms, barngoat, twitter @SourceGoat , wikilove addition coming next week, goatsniffer, huggle integration, gifs, movment strategy for 2027 the year of the goat.

JSON-LD/Image annotation - DONE
Yak shaving: in order to work on semantic image annotations, I first need to implement JSON-LD export for wikidata
I need to use my own laptop
Doing semantic image annotations instead of plain text. "This area describes wikidata item Q42". Worked with a User Interface designer to create a mockup, select a region, search in wikidata. Next step is properly hooking Wikidata in. Also worked on Wikidata getting JSON-LD (W3C standard) working properly.

Document [[Special:PermanentLink]] and [[Special:Diff]] in the interface - (Phabricator task)> DONE
Cleans up the behavior of these special pages by making them semi-documented and by not giving strange errors when invoked with no arguments. Change requested in 2013 but finished in this 2017 hackathon
I will use the provided laptop.
@EdJohnston, @matmarex and @Wbm1058, with help from @Legoktm to get the code change reviewed and released
Solving a task from 2013. Not enough room in edit-summaries for linking things like permanent-diffs. Now we can pipe it to something meaningful. [NEED CLARIFICATION]

Visual categories
generates galleries from Commons categories
I need to use my own laptop

ORES 'thresholds' - DONE
Implemented a nuanced version of model information for ORES -- a total overhaul.
I will use the provided laptop
@Halfak, @MtDu
Worked on improving reports on how our models work. Need to know operational concerns when setting a certain threshold. More info provided on machine run and build version. Can now extract specific aspects from the JSON. You can now set any arbitrary optimization that you like.

mw.wikibase.getBestStatements - DONE
Get data from wikidata efficently
I need to use my own laptop
Gerrit change:
Wanted to improve patrolling changes from Wikidata. So only statements that are actually used in the page will be shown in the watchlist. We also want to know which specific statements (coming soon). Lua hackers can start using (use mw.wikibase.getBestStatements(Q,P) instead of mw.getEntity(Q):getBestStatements(P) to avoid loading the whole entity . Next step, kill X usage?

14 - DONE
Present and its improvements during the hackathon
I will use my own laptop
@Braveheart and @simon04
We have lists of national monuments, and wanted to aggregate all this interesting data in a useful way. This site gives a list of all monuments, nature, public arts, and infrastructure (can be filtered), to give a list of photo tasks. Opens Commons UploadWizard.
During hackathon integrated Tiroler Kunstkataster: Had to use a popup to external site for user to obtain object ID because some of this data isn't open. Next: integrating more lists of monuments, and getting contributors to take and upload pictures of these objects.
Website is live since the end of July 2017: (currently available only in German)

Programs & Events Dashboard improvements DONE

  1. Progress on implementing a hamburger menu for mobile layout work


  1. New features on Programs & Events Dashboard: programs where you only track edits to specific articles

Deployed to production!
Team: Sage Ross - @Ragesoss, Sejal Khatri @Sek2016, Camelia Boban - @Camelia.boban

  • 1.Adding mobile-friendly improvements, using react global menu. Next step: Making it work in Safari.
  • 2. Another module for the dashboard, that lets you track specific articles. Makes it easier to track metrics and outcomes.

Commons android app bug fix
When a user takes a photo from inside the and the upload for some reason fails the picture is forever lost. Now the user has the option to save the picture in the device
I will use my own laptop.
currently, when a user took a photo in Commons app, if the upload failed, the photo would be lost. I added a settings option for internal storage, so when the photo is on the screen it is already saved, and if there are problems it can be re-attempted

Siebrand, announce to Brendan to turn off the video after this talk

Color blindness simulation demo - (Phabricator task)> Dispenser (NO VIDEO RECORDING)
I will use the provided laptop
Javascript simulator written with Canvas. Various test images, showing how fruit can be hard to understand, and how graphs can be bad with color blindness. Using algorithm to detect and display colors that will appear similar.

18 Rachel going last
Hope you enjoyed the overview and broadness of the showcase. We'll be putting the video on Commons a.s.a.p. and youtube thereafter. If you like what you heard and want to get involved, just go on mediawiki (for new developers The next hackathons are in Barcelona in May, and then in Capetown before the next Wikimania. Hope to see you there!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this umbrella task completed? It's time to archive Developer-Advocacy (Jul-Sep 2017) and I'll be bold here.