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move legal-tm-vio alias to OIT
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Here is just a short list of tickets related to this single exim alias:

T82660 , T109396, T170361, T150463, T124449, T103029, T132230, T84507, T84696, T81249 , .. ,...

per parent task and all the other "sister" tickets, move this away from Operations and over to the control of OIT in Google please

That way Office IT could directly control this alias and make the needed changes and doesn't have to create tickets for Ops anymore.

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Dzahn added projects: WMF-Legal, WMF-Office-IT.
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@bcampbell or @bbogaert Can we move to Google please? We did almost everything else but this is one of the few left. Cheers, Daniel

Dzahn claimed this task.

20:44 < byron> mutante: I just added legal-tm-vio

[mx2001:~] $ sudo exim4 -bt

router = ldap_group, transport = remote_smtp
host []

Thanks @bbogaert :)