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Property suggester should offer P31/P279 for items that only have P641
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Following the discussion in T168434#3430461:

When trying to add a statement to items on the following reports
Property suggester currently offers no suggestion.

Property suggester should offer P 31 / P 279.

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Esc3300 updated the task description. (Show Details)

There is a similar problem with a few other properties. I think it was P 18 (image) , P 17 (country) ..

Probably for every property that gets removed from the suggestions file, see P5495.

Looks like it. The other they I went through a couple of items that were missing p31s and I think they mostly had list there: pids=(17 18 276 301 373 463 495 571 641 1344 1448 1476)

BTW we might want to replace

  • category's main topic (P 301)


  • topic's main category (P 910)

Yeah, and there are still some missing. Maybe we can improve the "blacklist" if we fix this bug first.

Do we need another ticket for that?

Another issue: is it possible that the addition of these blacklisted properties also negatively impacts other suggestions?

Sample (from my memory):

  • On an item for a category ( P 31 = Q 4167836 ), a suggestion for a second statements gives "category's main topic (P 301)" and "Commons category (P 373)". This is just fine.
  • If I add P 301, I'd expect that a suggestion for a third statement would be "Commons category (P 373)", but nothing is suggested.

Maybe the same happens on items in other fields, even more in need of statements.