Display Sofortüberweisung data in Fundraising Operations Center Reports
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As a member of the fundaising team,
I want to know how much money comes in through each payment channel,
so that I can do fundraising more effectively

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Report "Spenden pro Tag" shows "SUB" payment type data
  • Report "Spendengruppen" shows "Sofortüberweisung" payment type data

Part of this story is to develop tests for this part of the application and to refactor this part to make it more testable. The end result doesn't need to be a Silex-based controller with a fully-fledged end-to-end test and unit test suite, but more of "Enough tests to prove that the new functionality doesn't break anything".

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@kai.nissen could you post a quick update of what file(s) this will mainly be touching?

work in progress in #297

PR for second report in #324.

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Some follow up changes in https://github.com/wmde/fundraising-backend/pull/326 and https://github.com/wmde/fundraising-backend/pull/327

@kai.nissen you wanted to do some more stuff (using the new ReportGenerator in another UC?) right? If we want to do this as part of this task then we should move it back to doing.

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