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constraint gadget always shows an error for P279 (subclass of) statements
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Is this the place to report bugs? Whenever I look at a wikidata item with a P279 (subclass of) statement - for example for university - - the constraint warning shows up on each claim, with the popup saying "Potential Issues" - "Conflicts with ?" - "The value for the parameter "item" must be an item, not "QQ13406463"." Items that are instances of Q13406463 is one of the case that P279 has a conflict with, but I'm guessing the problem here is the double Q - I don't see a double Q in the constraints section on P279 though. Any idea what's going on here?

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Constraints are only imported once in a while (might change now we're switching to statements). At the moment of the last import, there was an error in the conflicts with template of P279. The problem has been resolved, but since the problem with resolved, the constraints haven't been imported. So the error remains, even though it isn't visible.

Thanks! I did search through the open tasks first and didn't find anything on this....