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Simplify Nearby card logic in Explore
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Proposed simplified user stories/acceptance... I think this works with the existing design, but is simplified logic/product thinking:

  1. For new installs - As a new user, I want to know that the app can help me learn about things near me:
    • On first install, the "false" nearby card should and permissions call to action should appear below the picture of the day.
  2. For returning users with location permission on - As a user who likes Wikipedia telling me about nearby content, I want to know if I'm near something new or interesting to me.
    • If the user has traveled more than 25k since their last feed update, insert the nearby card into the feed. If the update also pushes the daily content, the nearby card should appear below the picture of the day.

For users who have declined location or removed the nearby card, it should never appear again.