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Followup from preprocessor fixups' retrospective
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Previous task: T165175: Support communications around the preprocessor fixups
Here are some action items for me:

  1. Listing somewhere the editors that did most fixes;
  2. asking them how they learned about the work that had to be done, to understand which venue was more effective for communication;
  3. Some community members found out about and signed up - how to keep them involved? How to make others list themselves there?

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T170874 also stems from this conversation

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(reflecting reality. Work for Tidy continues though.)

I don't know about this task. My priorities are getting shifted. I need to find a place to document that this could happen if anyone wanted to pick it. :(

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@Whatamidoing-WMF not sure if there's anything here that could help your followup task for Subbu?

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