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Allow adding more labels, descriptions, and statements directly on Special:NewItem
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Special:NewItem should allow users (in a obvious way) to create directly richer items than it currently allows. Labels, descriptions & aliases in more languages; multiple claims - would be useful to have them. Even Commons' Special:Upload allows users to introduce easily and directly descriptions in multiple languages, but NewItem not.

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I think we may have a new special page, probably named Special:NewRichItem. The special page will have a same interface like ordinary item page, so that you can freely add labels, statements and sitelinks to it, except all changes in the page is non-persistent unless clicking "save". It can have some preloaded labels and statements, and can even have a full item as preload (which can replace duplicate_item.js). The special page can also act as a sandbox or used for Wikidata tours (T98667: Create a special page item sandbox), if the check of duplicate label+description and sitelink and be optionally turned off.

We should keep the existing Special:NewItem for non-JavaScript users.

and do Special:NewRichItem?prop1=P31&value1=Q5

+1 for this task. Encouraging users to include some important data from the beginning (such as a statement "instance of" or "subclass of") and, possibly, letting them use quick models for common instances (humans) would increase data quality, promote good practices and teach newcomers.

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