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Replace `require('mathoid-mathjax-node')` with `require('mathjax-node')`
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The two npm packages seemed to share the same api, but the package "mathoid-mathjax-node"

  • Is a secret repo. I cannot find a gerrit or github project page for it.
  • Depends on the deb package librsvg2-dev, which takes around 90 mb of space on Ubuntu
  • Can render png.
  • Caused confusion in that its npm page points to the github repo of MathJax-node.

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Golopotw updated the task description. (Show Details)

Both of these use the same repo, the mathoid-mathjax-node package was created to allow us to move to Node 4. @Physikerwelt do you know if it's safe to go back to requiring mathjax-node ?

I would recommend to keep the repo for now. I think it's a good achievement that we can use a tested version of MathJax and update from time to time. Moreover as stated in the ticket we need the PNG generation.

Agreed. Consequently, declining this task.