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我发现,在中文维基百科等中文MediaWiki页面,<source>等标签(除了<source inline>)内的内容似乎无法进行繁简转换(参见此处)。或许可以让source、nowiki、pre这样的标签能够使用属性来开关繁简转换。此外,消息页面好像也不能繁简转换(除了查看相应的消息页面),而应该分别创建简体和繁体的子页面,这样很麻烦,除非用机器人。

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Forgot to write in English. I'm trying to translate. Wait a minute.

Hope <source>, expand-templates and MediaWiki pages can auto convert(繁简转换).
I found, on Chinese Wikipedia and so on Chinese webs in MediaWiki, anything in <source> tag and so on (except <source inline>) seem not to be converted (see here). Maybe it should be controled by attributing to tags like source, nowiki and pre. What's more, MediaWiki (namespace) pages seem not either, except viewing the MediaWiki page. It make admins or bots creat subpages with converted content.

For MediaWiki-Language-converter support in <source>, see T34943. For <pre>, T160696. (IDK why do you want <nowiki> also have its support?)

As for "此外,消息页面好像也不能繁简转换(除了查看相应的消息页面),而应该分别创建简体和繁体的子页面,这样很麻烦,除非用机器人。", @Nemo_bis this seems somewhat about , and is it likely to support converter in all softwares that are localized on twn (even Blockly? Mantis? Mifos?)?

Thanks. <nowiki>s sometimes also need. About MediaWiki pages, I don't mean's translations. I mean user-custom, such as MediaWiki:Gadget-***, added sidebar and editnotices.