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Wikistats2 bugs (1/4) - Dashboard and general UI
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  • In the dashboard's miniature chart, the current month is represented by a 1-char abbreviation. This is a bit confusing because J can be January, June and July, and A can be April or August, and M can be March or May. In the mini-graph, that is OK because you have the yearly context, but the current month should be represented with a full name.

  • If you change the wiki a couple times (for example: select Achinese Wikipedia, then select Adhyge Wikipedia) the minigraph displays 2 column charts superposed. If you can not reproduce this, try going to detail page and selecting 2 years in the time range selector; then go back to the dashboard.

  • When changing the time range selector to either 3 months or 1 month in the detail page, or when enabling the breakdown in the detail page: the dashboard crashes and is no longer able to render the miniature metric box. It seems that the state of these options formats the data in a way the dashboard can not use.

  • When you have selected a wiki (say Achinese Wiktionary) and you click on the Wikimedia logo to go back to the dashboard, you loose the wiki selection and go back to default.

  • 'About' and 'About-data' links are broken

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All of these have been addressed, good.