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Wikistats2 bugs (2/4) - Wiki selector
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  • The wiki selector does not work when selecting a cross-language project like Wikipedia - All languages. The new chosen values show up in the selector, but the data is not loaded, and if you navigate to the detail page or reload, the selection goes back to the initial default (All projects, all languages).

Likewise, If both project and language are selected (say Achinese Wikipedia) the selector does not let you select a cross-language project like Wikipedia - All languages. When you try that, it directly shows the initial default as well.

  • If you choose a value in the wiki selector, the cursor stays in there, and you're able to continue writing or delete characters. If you do so and then click outside of the box, the selector blocks and can not be used any more.

Tasked T173373 - [x] Sometimes (like in the initial default case) the wiki selector can not display the whole text in it because of fixed width, and there's no other place in the layout that this information is displayed. So, the user can not see which exact data is shown.

  • The following is not a bug, but a usability thing: Is "All project families - All projects" OK? Isn't the repetition of the word project a bit confusing? We maybe could use "All project families - All languages", no?

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The first part of the task, dealing with "Something - All Languages" no longer applies. We disabled this until we have endpoints for it in AQS.

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@Milimetric that last one has been retasked - T173373

gotcha, editing comment

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