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Spaces request for blog-social-team
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We would like to create a private Phab board for the blog and social team to use to plan out future work. The board should be private because some of our work is under embargo and we would like a place to keep track of projects as they progress, but before they're public.

Name of group: blog-social-team

Group lead: Melody Kramer @MelodyKramer

Users: @EdErhart-WMF, @Selsharbaty-WMF, @MelodyKramer, Aubrie Johnson (Phab name to come.)

Event Timeline

For the records, the public projects Wikimedia-Blog-Content (and Diff-blog) exist (which does not imply that all tasks associated with one of these projects have to be always public).

The board should be private

A Space itself does not offer a workboard. A project does. :) Does that mean you want also some additional yet-to-define project (see required info) in addition to the Space? Or is the workboard of one of the existing projects above sufficient to track both public tasks (e.g. in Wikimedia-Blog-Content) and private tasks (e.g. in both Wikimedia-Blog-Content and a future private Space)?

I'm confused by the terminology, but think what we'd like is a new project, in addition to what already exists. The existing projects are not sufficient to track additional information, because this new "project" will be team-wide. I can't tell based on the documentation if what I'm asking for is a Space or a Project. What I'd like is a private workboard for the people mentioned above –

Based on the documentation, I think it should be a "Group" because it's for our team. The project description is: "board for the blog and social team to use to plan out future work" and it should be private. Only the people listed above should be able to join!

Happy to clarify - sorry this is confusing!

I can't tell based on the documentation if what I'm asking for is a Space or a Project.

To me it sounds like you're asking for both actually... :)

If you want some separate new workboard, you need a (public) project (as every project has one single workboard).
If you want a certain bunch of tasks to be non-public and only ever visible to a certain defined group of people, you need a (private) Space.
Tasks in a Space can (well, better 'should') also be associated with at least one project (and hence on at least one workboard).
Also see the screenshots in the docs how a task which is in a Space is displayed on the workboard of a project (if you have access to that Space).

If you have any ideas how to improve the docs, it's very welcome. I know it's not easy to understand. :-/

Is the "blog-social-team" project some WMF-only thingy? Because in that case I'd be tempted to add a prefix. Any wiki page which provides more info about that team?

Ah, okay. Then what I think we're asking for is a public project for the blog-social-team, and then a private Space for that team. The tasks in that space should be associated with the public project, but only visible to the people listed above. Does that make sense?

The blog-social-team is a subset of the comms team, containing the people who work on blog and social. We're basically just looking for a board where we can plan long-term as a group, and that remains private within our group.

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