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Clarify recommended usage of Charis and Charter in Style Guide
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Starting from discussion at T169828#3415358 referencing issues with Charter in Polish and Turkish language characters, we need to clarify our serif font family choice more explicitly for developers (and probably de-emphasize Charter and stronger emphasize Charis) in average Wikimedia projects.

Charter appears to have extremely poor support for non-English text. I installed it locally from the site you linked and tried with the Polish test sentence "Zażółć gęślą jaźń." – out of the 9 accented characters in Polish, only 2 are supported ("ó" and "ł"). I think this is entirely hopeless.

Polish characters in CharterCharis
image.png (438×695 px, 27 KB)
image.png (596×790 px, 34 KB)

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In de-emphasizing we might consider to put also Charis into the imagery example and just refer to Charter from a typographic-historical perspective in the text.

I sent a pull request with an initial step into clarification: referring to Charter as the generic typefaces and making it clear we recommend Charis as the preferred implementation (opposed to Bitstream implementation).

PR 51 got reviewed and merged.