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Requesting 'bot' access for MABot
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  • Wikitech username: MABot
  • Your reasons for requesting this permission(s): I (@MarcoAurelio) have been performing a lot of double/broken redirect fixing using my account, running via OAuth the Pywikibot script. A mass of those redirects are being created because of the rebrand of Wikimedia Labs. I feel that, as it happens on Wikimedia projects, I should keep automated edits restricted to a bot account flagged as such. Currently I flag myself as flood so I don't clutter RC, but it is a bit of a pain to log-in, change rights, run the script, deflag myself and log-out.

As such, I request that be given a bot flag for maintenance.

Thank you.

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I am having a problem with the account as I cannot login to it. Please hold on.

See: T171069: Cannot login/change password to MABot@wikitech