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After EditPage switch-over to OOJS,the gadget for edit summary stopped working on Bengali wikipedia
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After todays update (T162849), the gadget for adding edit summary stopped working. I tried to follow this but found nothing. This is a default & one of most used gadget on, we need to fix it quickly.

  • gadget link (I copied this gadget from here - line 100 to 154 - same problem also there)

Please take a look and fix it (If you aren't global interface editor, please suggest here)

Additional request: This gadget's code only work in source editing mode. we need it for visual editor also. I already read this but i've no idea how to do it. So, if possible please suggest js code for enabling edit summary for visual editing mode. something like this.

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@Aftabuzzaman: Please follow and provide the error output from your web browser's developer tools when using debug=true. Also note the recent changes in

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@Ladsgroup yes
@Aklapper I already followed that but found nothing. (see screenshot, google chrome, anonymous view, latest version)

you can see it, click here (this is a default gadget, you don't have to activate anything)
and I already saw that, but those changes are not about edit summary.

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Yes this is indeed as Ladsgroup correctly wrote.

@Aftabuzzaman: See the code in Gadget-sompadonasarangsho.js : $( '<div id="userSummaryButtonsA"></div>' ).insertAfter( '#wpSummary' );.
Accessible_editing_buttons lists examples how to fix '#wpSummary'. Which things have you tried already? Where exactly did you get stuck, and why?

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new code from hewiki