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Enable Wikidata support for Outreach Wiki
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For some reasons, the Outreach Wiki should also be a Wikidata client wiki, so e.g. the outreach Education program can be linked together with its Meta-Wiki corresponding page and probably statistics datas can be synced from properties values.

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This is the last big project that doesn't have support other than Incubator (which is on the roadmap) and maybe Wikitech. Anything else is very arcane and would probably not benefit much from Wikidata access.

Urbanecm renamed this task from Enable support for Outreach Wiki to Enable Wikidata support for Outreach Wiki.Aug 27 2018, 7:39 PM

This is enabled on testwikidata (and also allows for testwikipedia, test2wikipedia, and testwikidata itself). Is there any idea when it will be enabled in Wikidata?