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Searching for multiple terms in quotation marks delivers wrong results
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  1. Go to or to the regular search bar in German Wikipedia.
  2. In the search field, insert two search terms in quotation marks: "In einem unbekannten Land" and "Libelle Verlag". Hit the search button.
  3. You get four search results:"In+einem+unbekannten+Land"+"Libelle+Verlag".

Problem: Only the last result contains the search terms ("Molwanîen. Land des schadhaften Lächelns"). The first three search results ("Apostroph", "Viertelgeviertstrich", "Ejektiv") contain none of the search terms.

For comparison, the Google search on Wikipedia finds the correct results:
(There is a second result here, which is the wiki page where this problem was discussed.)

Thanks for having a look at this.