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New instance in deployment prep can't run puppet for the first time
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I just spawned deployment-eventlog01. It's instance log just shows:

salt-minion stop/waiting
salt-minion start/running, process 1541
+ puppet agent --enable
+ puppet agent --onetime --verbose --no-daemonize --no-splay --show_diff --waitforcert=10 --certname=deployment-eventlog01.deployment-prep. --server=
[0;32mInfo: Creating a new SSL key for deployment-eventlog01.deployment-prep.[0m
[1;31mError: Could not request certificate: Connection refused - connect(2)[0m

and I can't log in. I think puppet can't verify its client cert.

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Seems the initial puppet run refuses to process for whatever reason. The instance is not even in salt so we can't access it at all. Trying to ssh into it yields Password:

I have no idea what is going on that one. Since that is a new instance, maybe try to reboot it and maybe puppet will run. Else try to create a new one ?

hashar assigned this task to Ottomata.

Andrew has deleted the instance and created a new one. The instance has been created when LDAP/Certs etc were screwed out that certainly explains the issue.