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Public folder on stat1005 for Discovery's A/B test reports
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@chelsyx developed some scripts that produce an HTML report (akin to for Search Platform's A/B tests when running on stat1005 (specifically stat1005 due to T168683).

@Ottomata @Milimetric Similar to how is the public version of stat1002:/a/published-datasets (soon to be stat1005:/srv/published-datasets), would it be possible to have a (for example) that points to a directory in stat1005:/srv? That way when a report is generated (not just by us, but also by folks on the Search Platform too), it goes into that directory, and then ~15min later is viewable online.

And not just the automated reports. It'd be nice to host reports like the one I linked to ourselves, rather than on GitHub :)

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Hm, would you mind if the report url was just ? If not, you could put stuff in published-datasets/discovery/reports/ now, and it will just work.

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We're okay with that :)