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Andre to provide a short intro about to interested Technical Collaboration folks
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In terms of knowledge transfer and fallbacks:

Provide a short introduction to (how to use it, what it offers, maybe even some admin stuff, answer some potential questions, etc) via screensharing (I hope this works), drop me a line. If you don't want to get into this, that's also totally fine. No "expectations", just if you're curious. :)

  • How does that system work (different public sources like Gerrit,Phab, pulled via APIs; Kibana/ElasticSearch; etc)
  • User identities (per id's used in one source ) vs profiles (one or more id's which are the same person); affiliation / bot info per profile
    • DB behind, exported as a JSON formatted file, can import into MariaDB, sortinghat tool to work on a MariaDB DB
  • UI: date ranges, one-click filtering, advanced filters (but: need to know index name).
    • Admin UI: List of indices, example: e.g. expand number of items displayed in a widget on dashboard, remove widget, etc

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Assuming Low priority.

I was thinking... Why an intro only to Srishti? Why not a casual Hangout on Air that we can call a Tech Talk?

I don't plan to prepare a public Tech Talk currently.
I'm more happy to 'open' such a session to more Wikimedia folks who are interested, of course.

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Thanks to everyone who joined!

Outcomes of Q&A:

Other topics mentioned:

  • emails with some statistics to teams? (but: need a proper list of 'who maintains what' which is a complex problem that needs to be solved first), cf.
  • "Overview" page vs. "finding the specific name of a person to query for" (DB access needed, as different names can be used in different sources - my Phab name might not be my Gerrit name - no easy solution here). Plus "Top Authors" on Overview refers to Git (=merged) and not Gerrit (=proposed code changes) hence some items can be rather misleading without knowing details