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[Objective 4.4.2] Research collaborations with industry and academia
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Maintain the current capacity for formal research collaborations with industry and academia to reduce the overall cost for the organization to conduct research projects. As of March 2017, the Wikimedia Research departments works with 30 collaborators under the terms of our Open Access policy.


  • Make sure a slot is allocated to each collaborator for showcases, there's a a well-formed project description on Meta and announcements on the lists for each new collaboration
  • Design a response strategy for complex licensing, IP or financial issues
  • Streamline the tracking of approved collaboration, technical support and private data access requests T171878
  • Create an archive of data access or formal collaboration requests that we can't honor T172457
  • Quantifying the value of WMF's formal collaboration program T175214




  • Potentially an admin/project manager
  • @Halfak as needed

Estimated quarter(s):

  • Q1-Q4

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