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Universities: Which developer tasks/projects/work can we offer to teachers and students interested in final career projects?
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Split off from T165920#3434286

After the request from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, now we are getting a similar request from @D3r1ck01 in the context of the University of Buea. Better collaboration with universities is an explicit goal of our Onboarding New Developers program, where the Wikipedia Education Program is mentioned explicitly but of course the collaboration should be open to other universities as well. There is quite a bit of information that could be specific to collaboration with universities around Featured Projects that is now spread in tasks, etherpads, emails. Maybe it is time to create a task about having a page under Featured Projects targeted to university teachers and students interested in final career projects?

IMO not under Featured Projects, but at some point, we should recycle this page to serve workshop organizers, university teachers, etc.. add information about Featured Projects, include presentation materials, videos, etc. that will help them carry out this work.

I was thinking more of a page explaining what we offer to universities. A page with specific instructions makes sense when a teacher/student already has decided to commit and dive into, but for that they need to understand what we have for them, what we have done with other universities before, and so on.

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We briefly discussed this today and I wondered (open question) which specific aspects are different, compared to an individual who wants to contribute.

  • A: There is a third person (the teacher), a potential grade, potential "check-ins" with the teacher - what does that mean related to workflows and communciations
  • R: if a student owns the task, what if someone else works on it and finishes the task? Some way to say "nobody else work on this for the next months!"?

Additions welcome.

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Last year we collaborated with two initiatives to make progress on a related project: As we only occasionally get requests from university students or professors, and this not in the Developer-Advocacy team's priority for the next year, closing this task for now.