Retrieve both primary and secondary coordinates
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Problem Wikipedia IOS app 5,5.1 just retrieves coordinates that are primary coordinates not secondary coordinates

Coordinates in Extension:GeoData can be primary and secondary. When retrieving coordinates default is just retrieving primary coordinates. As one Wikipedia article can have just one primary coordinate all coordinates should be retrieved ==> support using gsprimary=all

See longer Change request Change-request-for-wikipedia-for-iphone and the problem with documenting a cemetery were coordinates are stored in Wikidata and "transformed " to the Wikipedia article using Templates that will create secondary coordinates in the article that is not retrieved by Wikipedio IOS app 5,5.1

Suggested solution change and use gsprimary=all see change done in wiki-map that now supports also retrieving secondary coordinates

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Dear Magnus Sälgö,

Thanks we'll take a look at the issue!

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The problem with secondary coordinates is that you cannot know what they are about... Only that they are present somewhere on an article. For this example, you would get a 1000 POIs all pointing to the same article. Instead, we should look at pulling coordinates straight from wikidata, as detailed in [[phab:T35704]].

That seems like a more sustainable solution.