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RFC: IPv6 contributions and talk pages
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This RFC has been scheduled for public discussion on IRC on Wednesday, August 2nd.

As always, the RFC discussion will take place on the Freenode channel #wikimedia-office, at
at 21:00 UTC (2pm PDT, 23:00 CEST).

@ChiveFungi, will you be able to attend?

@daniel The timing is appropriate, but it looks like it takes an awful lot of effort to connect to Freenode without revealing your IP address to the entire world. So I may not attend.

But I'm not an expert at MediaWiki or IPv6, so I probably don't have much to contribute to the discussion.

@ChiveFungi, it would be good to have you in the conversation, if only to know why you brought this up. It's fine if you are not an expert on the technical side, that's TechCom's job. What I would hope for you to bring to the conversation is the use cases and requirements.

Pppery subscribed.

Sorry for merging T133452 into this task, it was a misclick (I was attempting to close as a duplicate of that task, to make it not a duplicate of a duplicate)