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Recent change date range popup usability issues
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  1. The popups should close when a selection is made. The popups obscure parts of the results, and these are essentially fancily styled dropdown widgets so they should behave the same way
  2. As they are essentially behave as dropdown, I wonder they couldn't just be dropdown widgets?
  3. If the are to stay as is, either the popups should be anchored to the left, or the text should be aligned to the right. At the moment you have to move down and to the right to get form the handle button to the option buttons, the options should be directly underneath (did someone say dropdown widget?)

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Esanders created this task.Jul 22 2017, 6:09 PM
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We can get them to auto-close, but according to the design, both popups have more options in them (see T168513: Enable 'Group results by page' preference on the RC page itself) so they can't really be drop-down widgets when those are implemented (which is very soon).

When the second/third parts of each of those popups is implemented, that may change the usability concerns?

Also, re #3, in some of the mockups they're on the left, and some on the right -- since we have more UI elements to include (pagination, on the right side for example) so I am actually not 100% sure where they should go right now. We could add them to the right side for the moment, but when we add pagination they will likely have to move - either to the left of the pagination controls (but still relatively to the right) or at the left of the interface.

For instance, see the image here with pagination controls (these are coming up as well, soon) :

#1 and #3 are already fixed. #2 might not be that relevant since we've added 'hours' vs 'days' to one popup, and 'group by results' to the second, so since both have more than one picker, I don't think that a dropdown widget will work.

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#1 and #3 are already fixed. #2 might not be that relevant

Closing for that reason.

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