"Show changes" clicks "Show preview" in Chrome on Android phone LG Escape2, version 5.1.1, for one user
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Some buttons seem to have an off-by-one problem in Vector. Reported by User:Wikid77 at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)#Show_changes_clicks_Editing_help_on_Android

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This seems to be related to the so-called "Big Blue Button" rollout, so perhaps @matmarex would be interested in taking a look.

I am confused by this bug report.

On Google Android phone (Google Chrome) browser, the new oversize "Show changes" (button 3) clicks into "Editing help" (cheatsheet link) which is very bizarre because no "Cheat" buttons onscreen, and "Show changes" really should show changes on mobile phone edits (which are hard enough already).

It happens on any page (wikitext editor) in Vector skin (Monobook skin ok) while suppressing License blurb, but when logged out then "Show changes" clicks Show preview, on Android phone LG Escape2, version 5.1.1.

So does clicking "Show changes" give the same effect as clicking "Editing help", or as clicking "Show preview"? (Also, do the other buttons work correctly?)

I'm not sure how "Editing help" could be getting clicked at all, given that it is completely hidden when the toolbar loads. Unless the user has JavaScript disabled and therefore no toolbar.

"Show preview" getting clicked could potentially be some obscure browser bug we're triggering with our styles, although I've never seen such a thing before.

Or maybe they just fat-fingered the buttons, heh.

It would be helpful to see a screenshot of the screen they see.

From his talk page:

"The Android display (in Desktop mode) changes depending on which button has been clicked, where the size of the "Save changes" or "Show preview" will expand, to cause the phone screen to wrap at "Show changes" on next line. The problem does not happen on Swedish WP (svwiki), although the SAVE button still shows blue, as: " Publicera ändringar ". On German WP (dewiki), the problem is even worse because show-preview "Vorschau zeigen" triggers a page-SAVE " Seite speichern " of whichever experimental text I have entered. To avoid the problem on preview, I append "&useskin=monobook" because Monobook works ok with the new buttons and activates the proper button as clicked."

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(Why the CL tag?)

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