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Rename database 'labswiki' to 'wikitechwiki'
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Not super high priority and certainly can wait, but something that should be eventually done as there's Labs no more.

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I guess you are aware that rename a database isn't something supported on MySQL/MariaDB at the moment.
While you can rename a table, a database rename isn't supported yet.

MarcoAurelio changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 25 2017, 9:57 AM

Forgot to set it to stalled. Yes, I was not given the exact reason, but I was told that it was not currently possible. Still this is a valid task that while it can take some time to be acomplished it should be done when it is technically possible. Thanks.

There are ways to rename a database, but not using a mysql native command, but exporting and importing into a new database with the correct name etc. It requires downtime, testing and all that.

Doesn't look urgent enough to me to duplicate labswiki and paste it to a new wikitech DB, etc. However I leave that decision to the cloud-services-team. It was also suggested to make Wikitech a SUL wiki (T161859) so maybe iff that goes forward, the DB rename could happen before. As I've said, this is for cloud-services to decide what's best :)

I suppose it could happen as part of moving the database tables from hosting on to hosting in the s3 cluster (T167973: Move database for wikitech (labswiki) to a main cluster section), but honestly this is not something that I would find incredibly useful. The current dbname can be confusing when making configuration patches, but beyond that it really has no impact on Cloud Services.

Surely it'd be wikitechwiki anyway :p

Krinkle renamed this task from Rename database labswiki to wikitech to Rename database 'labswiki' to 'wikitechwiki'.May 29 2019, 9:18 PM

The amount of work needed to track down and change all references to the labswiki name are not worth the pain, especially if the main reason is getting rid of the word "labs".