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Tell communities about the font change from 'browser default' to 'monospace'
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Editors using OSX with Safari or Chrome see a sans-serif font by default in the old wikitext editors. This can be annoying (e.g., if you're trying to figure out if you've got the correct number of colons before your reply on a talk page), and is not compatible with the long-requested syntax highlighting feature.

We should tell communities about this change before it's made, with particular attention to the effect on non-Latin languages.

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...noting that users can still re-enable sans-serif in their preferences if they want.

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This change rides the train, so I'm tentatively scheduling it for Wednesday, 23 August (most projects) and Thursday, 24 August (Wikipedias).

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(Because editors who want to know more should be directed to T171201 and not here.)