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Host a GSoC/Outreachy lightning showcase on September 21st at 17:00 UTC
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Date and Time of the showcase: September 21st at 17:00 UTC

Students will share their final project outcomes with other candidates, mentors and community members. Each student will get 4 minutes to present their work.

Link to YouTube broadcast
IRC discussion via #wikimedia-office


  • Finalize a date and time
  • Share slide deck with students
  • Inform mentors and students about the set date and time
  • Inform Developer Relations
  • Promote the Showcase through
    • Blog post
    • Wikitech-I
    • MediaWiki social media channel
  • Invite students to participate in a dry run (1 day prior to the actual event)
  • Organize the dry run
  • Give feedback to students on their slide content
  • Run the showcase
  • Link the video, somewhere from the Outreach programs page

Event Timeline

Checking with Lani if CREDIT showcase is taking place next month, and if we could use it for GSoC/Outreachy final project presentations.

With CREDIT it's not possible, so we will be doing it separately. Message shared with participants on Zulip and with mentors on Phabricator.

Hello participants,

As you probably know, we will have a project showcase via Google Hangout on Air (date and time yet to be decided).

Please fill out this doodle poll to indicate your availability for this project showcase

This is an opportunity for you to share your final project with other GSoC & Outreachy candidates, mentors and also community members.

Helpful tips for you to prepare:

  • Everyone will get 4 minutes to present their work. There will be a hard deadline as we’ll have in total ten students participating.
  • We'll be using just one slide deck for the entire showcase, and so I’m inviting you in a few minutes to collaborate on Google Slides ( You can add content for your slide in there; I recommend using 2-3 slides at the max for your slot.
  • Make sure you add your project title, your name, any relevant links, etc.
  • Start prepping for the final show :)

If you have any questions or need help with your talk preparation, or feedback on your slides, let me know.

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Organized the dry run in which three students participated: Sejal Khatri, Sonali Gupta and Feroz Ahmed. Walked students through steps to participate in the showcase.

Planning document shared with students:

Steps to Participate

  • Join the Google Hangout on air by clicking the following link //http://link-to-the-hoa// (This is just a test URL, Srishti will add a fresh new link here before the event)
  • Event agenda
    • Introductions - Let’s go around the virual room and introduce ourselves. Say who we are, where we are joining from, which program we participated in, and which project we worked on (just the project title).
    • Project Details - Let’s go around the virtual room and hear the details of each project in the order of the slides in
    • Question and answers from the remote viewers and the ones present in the room
  • Some helpful tips
    • Each student gets a four minute slot to talk about their project
    • Srishti will do the screenshare of the presentation from her machine
    • While you are presenting, let Srishti know when to move to the next slide
    • If you would like to demo your project, consider adding screenshots in the slides itself as multiple people taking time to switch between windows and screensharing will get chaotic when we are live!
    • We will be using the chat window of the Planning document to communicate during the event