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Syntax highlighting in WDQS for non-latin script
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I noticed that the syntax highlighting in the Wikidata Query Service doesn't work for non-latin scripts.

For instance, if I took the first cat example and change ?item to ?Элементы (see the Query here), the color goes to black instead of the usual blue.

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CodeMirror uses the RegExp /^[\w\d]*/ to match variable names, which is equivalent to /[A-Za-z0-9_]*/ and doesn’t include any other Unicode letters. Unfortunately, JavaScript regular expressions don’t have any sort of Unicode categories like \p{L} (even ES6’s u modifier doesn’t add them, though it at least makes \p an error so that a later ES version can define it without breaking compatibility), so there’s no straightforward way to fix this, except by compiling a list of all Unicode letter ranges and hard-coding that into the RegExp.

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Sorry for the inconvenience!

@Jonas - is there not a pattern that we could use instead of /^[\w\d]*/ ... we have a questionmark followed by not white space followed by a space or by ) or } or .

My regex is not great, but \?(\S*?)[\s\)}\.]

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Why Declined?

The problem is real.

Perhaps it can be tagged as "Upstream" or "Stalled" or something.

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It seems to be fixed, isn't it?

Indeed – this seems to have been fixed in codemirror/CodeMirror#5936 (using the approach I mentioned above: hard-code the ranges of all Unicode letters into the regexp), which was released in 5.48.2 12 days ago, and I guess we installed that version?

(Side note, we should really start committing package-lock.json in the GUI (T179229), so that package updates only happen when we explicitly do them in the repository. In this case the automatic update on npm install is nice, but this could also introduce any number of security vulnerabilities…)