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Find template owners and show them how to use TemplateStyles
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How far along is the effort to in terms of:

  • Education component?
  • Design component of how to make things look better?

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ggellerman added a subscriber: Nirzar.

@Nirzar Could you comment on the education and design components? Thanks!

ggellerman moved this task from Backlog to Doing on the TemplateStyles board.

@ggellerman: As the Community-Relations-Support tag was added, could hyou clarify what kind of support is requested from Community-Relations-Support?
Please see the links in for more information. Thanks!

@Aklapper I recently met with @CKoerner_WMF about this project and took notes that reminded me to use this tag.

@CKoerner_WMF : would it make more sense for me to subscribe you to tickets instead?

Subscribing (not assigning) Chris is fine, you'd still need to add a description following the questions we provide in the linked page. TY.

Will comment only on this one: if any of these tasks still matters and needs a CL to work on it, please follow the usual procedure to request our support. TYVM!