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Plans for community building and outreach of TemplateStyles
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  • Identify any plans for community building and outreach
  • Is there any existing documentation of outreach plans?

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@Nirzar @JKatzWMF

Do you know if there are existing plans or is this something we have to start thinking about? Thanks!

ggellerman moved this task from Backlog to Doing on the TemplateStyles board.

@ggellerman: As the Community-Relations-Support tag was added, could hyou clarify what kind of support is requested from Community-Relations-Support?
Please see the links in for more information. Thanks!

Same as T171793:

I recently met with @CKoerner_WMF about this project and took notes that reminded me to use this tag.

@CKoerner_WMF : would it make more sense for me to subscribe you to tickets instead?

(same comment I made there then :) )

@CKoerner_WMF @Elitre

We are working to find a product manager for this project. We are stalled until then.

Once we have one, we will get the request for type of support updated. Thanks!